Celebrating the 10th Anniversary

Dear ASF‐International members,

The General Assembly in Trivandrum, Kerala, will be occasion to celebrate together the 10th Anniversary of the constitution of our network. It makes this meeting more special than others and will be a moment to review, evaluate and think about the near future.

It’s been a youthful decade for all of us in Architecture Sans Frontières… new experiences, new collaborations, even though some members already have experience with ASF, or other organizations, while others are just newcomers. That, is what allows us combine our experience and understanding with innovation and boldness, important ingredients to help improve our organization.

For this reason the overall theme for the coming General Assembly 2017 is called “Looking back, Moving forward” and the aim is to facilitate a reflection on the past 10 years of ASF‐International, as well as to invite members to share their aspirations and ambitions for the next 10 years.

Apart from that, the issues highlighted by the annual report are referring to fundraising and consolidation in joint projects and collaborations. For the first time we have a sponsor that offers us the possibility to strengthen the relationships among our members as well as with external entities such as universities; as well as a sponsorship.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of the members of the network, we have the possibility of jointly developing a new edition of an Erasmus program 2016/18, with the key action: “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”, which will help to strengthen the objectives established in the ASF strategic plan.

Finally, I would like to remind you that this year we will also have the opportunity to enjoy the awards ceremony of the ASF Award 2017, with impressive presentations, which has made the decision difficult for the jurors.

Please encourage your members to attend the event and help us continue developing the ASF network for a better common future.

Thank you all for your continuous efforts

Xavier Codina Joseph
Chair of ASF‐International

Barcelona, 10th March 2017