ASF AWARD 2019 Announcement

Deadline for submission of entries extended to 23:59 gmt 15th April 2019

Share your initiative to improve the built environment!

Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF Int) Award was founded in the purpose of sharing the most efficient solutions developed by architects globally to the many social, environmental and economic challenges facing the built environment. The goal of the award is to promote those solutions among the design profession and the general public, which will encourage an exchange of ideas and challenge the profession to develop the construction of social facilities and infrastructure.

Type of Entries

Completed work or Ongoing Project

Scope of entries :

Designed Built environments, Design Interventions, Participatory Workshops, Educational Initiatives, Social and Cultural Upliftment, Economic Proposals realised after the year 2016.

The type of projects can range from small scale to a larger urban context varying from architectural projects, urban planning and design interventions , environmental and landscape architecture, Industrial design, educational, cultural, economic interventions, projects with relevance of social participation process etc.


ASF members / non ASF members

General Framework of Content

It is important to take in account in such a competition the non-homogenous character of the projects and the different situations (in terms of economy, ecology and society) that they take place. Nevertheless the goal of all the projects is the same; to provide solutions in problems related to architecture or urbanism for the underprivileged, deprived or the oppressed, vulnerable populations. It is obligatory then to set some criteria that could make the comparison of the projects possible, but also to offer a means to measure the proximity of the projects to the goal. Based on this the entries should highlight the following aspects.

  1. Vision of the project (impact of the project)
  2. Clarity in expressing the core idea of the project.
  3. Results or outputs of the project through visuals.

Criteria for Assessment

  1. How has the project addressed the concerns raised in Hasselt Charter?
  2. Functional suitability and contextual emphasis of the project / proposal
  3. How has the beneficiary participated in the overall project process?
  4. How has the Economics of the project / proposal worked out and managed ?
  5. Are there any sustainable solutions / Innovations (economical,ecological,social, technological etc.)
  6. What are the development/application possibilities?

Submission of Proposals for the Award:

Formatting guidelines to know about for future submissions.

Proposals for the award need to be sent by email to

The proposal should consist of three documents:

1.    Description TEXT answering the following questions
(required format:  doc / rtf / pdf, maximum size 3 MB)
Project name
Project lead (If applicable)
ASF International Member Organization (If applicable)
Names and Roles of Client(s & Partners) (If applicable)
Total Costs  (If applicable)
Main Sources of Funding  (If applicable)
Project Start Date  (If applicable)
Project End Date  (If applicable)
Project Description: What is your project? (Max. 200 words)
Choose three issues most relevant to your project listed in the Hasselt Charter. and explain how your project addresses them? (Max. 3 x 200 words.)
2.    Two press IMAGES of your project/initiative
(required format: jpg / pdf, maximum size 2 x 3 MB)
3.    A PDF of 1-4 Landscape A3s with images and text
Please see the attached template for placement of images and text on the panels. The first panel should contain the basic information of the project and each of the other three other panels explain, how the submission addresses three chosen aspects listed in the founding principles of ASF, the Hasselt Charter. The content of the materials on the panels is free (photographs, drawings, text, diagrams etc.). Minimum text size on the panels is 11 pt. Recommended font for proposals is Gill Sans or other sans serif font. (required format: pdf, maximum size 12 MB. Please see the given template for instructions for placement of images and text.)
The rights of the submitted material will stay with the owners, but ASF International can use the submitted materials in the communication of the organization when the source of the materials is clearly mentioned. The members of the jury or organization team can not submit projects for the award.


Date Event
18 January 2019 Launch of the Award
15 March 2019 (23:59 GMT) Initial Deadline for Submission of Proposals
15 April 2019 (23:59 GMT) Revised Deadline for Submission of Proposals
15 May 2019 Winners contacted (Initial)
15 June 2019 Winners contacted (Revised)
27 July 2019 Award function at the ASF General Meeting at Semarang, Indonesia
24th July 2019 – 28th July 2019 Exhibition of the best proposals at Semarang, Indonesia

 The prizes

The projects that are nominated will get a financial prize of 1000 Euros.

The prizes and the ASF Award 2019 are supported by the South of North network of Nordic architects.

More information

Questions can be sent to: