Fundación Arquitectos Sin Fronteras Colombia

Fundación Arquitectos Sin Fronteras Colombia


ASF-Colombia is a group of Architects associated by affinity and voluntarily. They are committed to the social development of the habitat in exercise of Architecture, Construction and Urbanism. In addition ASF-Colombia have undertaken to contribute according to their capacity, to the solution of basic needs, required in the intervention and the supervision of infrastructures and necessary to determine different environments in order to improve its ecosystem and in parallel the human habitat.


ASF-Colombia share the holistic approach of conceiving our planet Earth as an integral entity in which all actions of its inhabitants should be harmonised. Sustainability in this case, as Felipe F. says, has the potential to provide a holistic framework that can bridge the gap that is often found between socio-economic justice and environmental discourses.


Optimise the habitat for the welfare of the most vulnerable communities and the welfare of our planet in general. ASF-Colombia acknowledge the importance in the commitment and involvement of different actors and as Architects are committed to contribute in the field of the exercise of the Urbanism and Construction professions.

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Fundación ASF Colombia

Carrera 24 No. 51-28
Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

T: +57 6 881 23 57