Architecture Sans Frontières Québec

Architecture Sans Frontières Québec

We all have a role to play in society in order to minimize the impacts of climate change caused by the industrial developments of the last decade. Often, it is the poorest populations who have not even contributed to the current situation of the planet who pay the price. Hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, landslides, droughts, etc, affect these poor and fragile populations. ASF-Québec of Canada was established in order to mobilize populations and to help those suffering from the consequences of the inaction and reckless behaviour of the last decades. Also, these consequences are hitting more and more the richer populations of the globe, including Canada, and preparation and responsibility for emergency intervention is unavoidable. It is in this light that ASF-Québec of Canada was established in October 2007. Our mission is to help those that suffer from natural disasters and to contribute to their prevention and to sustainable development.

Emergency Architects is a humanitarian association, recognized by the UN, whose objective is to provide advice, assistance, and education to populations stricken by natural, technological or humanitarian disasters. ASF-Québec takes advantage of the unique expertise of architects to plan and implement reconstruction programs.

In existence since 2001, ASF-Québec has worked in many types of disasters (floods, earthquakes, chemical plant explosion) during the rescue of people, evaluation and reconstruction phases, throughout many regions of the world, notably in the following countries : Indonesia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, France, Granada, Haiti, Iran, Lebanon, Madagascar, Morocco, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Romania, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Peru and Sudan.

In partnership with the Order of Architects of Quebec (OAQ), ASF-Québec has been established in Quebec in order to contribute to the actions of the International Grouping of ASF-Québec on Canadian soil. The Canadian division is organizing the collection of funds and the recruitment of Canadian personnel for specific ASF-Québec operations. ASF-Québec of Canada is also developing their own humanitarian missions, adapted to the specific needs of Canada and the Americas. Its mission is to maintain a pool of Canadian experts in the field of emergency interventions and to promote sustainable development.

ASF-Québec sets itself apart from other humanitarian organizations by its concrete involvement in the field in construction and reconstruction projects in disaster zones, while maintaining a sustainable development perspective.

Architectes de l’urgence se distingue des autres organisations humanitaires par son implication concrète, sur le terrain, dans des projets de construction et de reconstruction de zones sinistrées, dans une perspective de développement durable.

The board of directors of ASF-Québec OF CANADA consists of persons recognized for their involvement in their respective professions, or in their humanitarian involvement in similar areas of intervention.

You are invited to join this humanitarian movement and fight in the battle against climate change!


By uniting the professionals of the construction sector, ASF-Québec contributes significantly to the development of healthy, secure and sustainable living conditions, by valuing equity, dignity, as well as independance of the most vulnerable populations.


The objectives of ASF-Québec of Canada are to:

  • Promote sustainable development and respect of the environment.
  • Organize fundraising activities for ASF-Québec’ humanitarian missions, in partnership with other Canadian NGOs.
  • Recruit Canadian personnel to participate in ASF-Québec missions.
  • Coordinate and organize humanitarian missions during natural disasters or in conflict situations.
  • Develop specialized training for emergency architecture for professionals needing to act in humanitarian catastrophe situations.


ASF-Québec (formerly known as « Architectes de l’urgence et de la coopération – AUC ») have followed the lead of other professionals (medical professionals, fire and civil security, journalists, etc.) and banded together as professionals to be socially responsible in the event of a major crisis. ASF-Québec has been in existence in France, Switzerland and Australia for seven years. ASF-Québec work on behalf of those who have lost everything, in order to help them get back on their feet, and live a normal life. Earthquake, flood, or war, our teams intervene in all four corners of the world and help any person in distress, victims of natural, technological or humanitarian disasters.

Throughout the years, ASF-Québec has distinguished itself throughout the world by providing concrete humanitarian aid and support to disaster stricken victims. Current missions aside, ASF-Québec have organized 22 missions in 16 different countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Granada, Haiti, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Madagascar, Morocco, Pakistan, Romania, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. These interventions took place due to the following events:

  • Floods in France: The Somme in 2001, the Gard in 2002 and 2003
  • Floods in central Europe in 2002
  • Floods in Bangladesh in 2004
  • Chemical plant explosion (AZF) in France in 2001
  • Earthquakes in Afghanistan, in 2002, in Algeria, in Turkey, in Iran in 2003, in Morocco in 2004, in Pakistan in 2005 and in Java in 2006
  • Cyclones in Madagascar, Granada and Haiti, in 2004
  • Creation of a workshop in Kabul to train young Afghan professionals and students in 2004.
  • Devastating Tsunamis in southern Asia in 2004
  • Armed conflict in Lebanon in 2006
  • Construction of schools in Chad, in 2007-2008
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