Arquitectura Sin Fronteras España

Arquitectura Sin Fronteras España

ASF-ESPAÑA is a Non Governmental Organisation for Development; it works as a non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1992 by a group of architects and technicians who had previously collaborated with other NGOs. ASF-E is an association of people who collaborate in cooperation projects, as volunteers, in the architecture, infrastructure and town planning fields. We offer support to underprivileged populations in developing countries, that is, to those who suffer from a situation of extreme poverty.

We also work with the most vulnerable parts of the population of the so-called Fourth World, in the developed countries, without any discrimination for racial, sexual, religious, philosophical or political reason.

We work together with organisations in the Third and Fourth World who ask for our help. We listen to their demands and analyse the needs of the beneficiary population, in order to provide complete solutions to their problems and to promote a self-sufficient and self-managed local development that can improve the population’s quality of life and satisfy their basic needs. We focus on cooperation for development rather than in emergency aid. ASF-E activities take place, mainly, in developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America and Spain.

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Arquitectura Sin Fronteras España:

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