An exhibition about life in Emergency Shelters in humanitarian crisis.
3 - Robert Ågren
Year: 2019, 2018
Typology: VR-360-video recorded in situ and displayed in Sweden in exhibition form.
Technology use:

An exhibition with VR-360-videos (One uses Occulus Go to view the videos) about life in Emergency Shelters in humanitarian crisis. Focus is on the living conditions and questions regarding what is needed to survive and run a household in a refugee camp.

Between 1-4 different types of Emergency Shelters will be exhibited in an exhibition space. Visitors are then invited to enter the Emergency Shelters. Once inside, visitors can put on VR-head-set.

In the VR film, visitors find themselves standing in an Emergency Shelter – in the midst of different families’ ongoing lives. The visitor sees scenes from different parts of the day: The family is sleeping, cooking, washing, socialising, eating dinner, talking to guests, playing etc. In the VR-experience, the visitor will be able to also get text-information and see other video-scenes from different parts of the camp. The exhibition as a whole will also communicate the context. What do you do as a refugee when you reach a refugee camp? How do you live and how do you take care of anything that’s happening to a household? Hygiene, cooking, sleeping, etc.

Central to “Shelter” is that through these VR films, one will get a feel for, and an insight into everyday life in these more or less temporary homes in different refugee camps around the world. The visitor will get insight into the difficulties and everyday actions of the refugees living situation. Through this film- and exhibition-project we are striving to give visitors an understanding and a sense of the living conditions in refugee camps that most of us never come close to having to experience.