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Why supporting ASF-International matters:

1. To advance social justice:
Because ASF-International members support citizens and organisations to work collaboratively on the design and planning of their homes and neighbourhood, using participatory design and planning methods to create strong and empowered communities that are central to the transformation of the places they inhabit
2. To restore our planet:
Because ASF-International members promote an architecture that is environmentally sustainable and respects local needs and traditions, using low-impact materials, appropriate technologies, and renewable sources of energy to create more resilient cities and places
3. To support a worldwide reference:
Because ASF-International is a worldwide reference in the human right to habitat, connecting likeminded people, organisations, and networks from across the globe through equitable global partnerships for sustainable, inclusive and equitable development

Your Support Can Make a Difference

If you or your organisation would like more guidance regarding sponsoring ASF International please read our sponsor policy in the attached document on the left, entitled “ASF-Int General sponsor and support policy”.

ASF-Int General sponsor and support policy

If you make a qualified charitable donation, you are most likely to not only help ASF-International, but also receive a tax benefit. Please contact if you would like to find out more.

  • DEP fieldtrip Tamil Nadu 2010

    DEP fieldtrip Tamil Nadu 2010

  • ASF France Zanskar Corridor

    ASF France Zanskar Corridor

  • ASF Denmark Cambodia Kindergartens

    ASF Denmark Cambodia Kindergartens


In November 2016, ASF International have successfully reached a sponsorship agreement with FINSA and as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of the company, FINSA organised in collaboration with ASF International the First Edition of the IFA (International Finsa Award) for Students of Architecture & Design. Find out more…