Emilio Brandão

Emilio Brandão

Board member , ASF-Int
Board Mandate: 2019 - 2021

Born in Mozambique, from Portugal and living in Sweden for 15 years. Member of ASF-Sweden since 2010. Member of the board for ASF-Sweden between 2012-2014 and 2018-present. Also previously involved in the projects Challenging Practice and Iremi in Georgia as well as in international events where ASF-Sweden was represented.
After 9 years of work in practice, I have been working as artistic teacher at Chalmers School of Architecture for over 5 years, with the roles: director for the Master’s Programme Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability (MPDSD); responsible for various courses; leader of several collaborative projects and in charge of a design studio about social inclusion, citizen participation and co-creation methods in architecture and urban design and planning, with location in the Swedish Million Homes Programme areas of Gothenburg.

ASF Sweden is part of ASF International, whose member organisations have agreed upon the goals and visions of the Hasselt Charter. This charter sets out ten principles, which are the base for ASF Sweden’s activities.

The Swedish branch of ASF International was established in the fall of 2006. We work for the development of sustainable environments for the poor and disadvantaged and for the support of those who otherwise would not have access to the knowledge of architects.

Our aim is to increase the awareness about the situation for the urban poor. We cooperate with other national and international organisations to become a platform that facilitates efforts to change the current situation.