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OW SARP Association of Polish Architects Warsaw Branch

SARP Oddział Warszawa
00-366 Warszawa, Foksal 2
Phone:Sekretariat - 22 82 67 439 , FAX 22 826 74 56

Also known as : ASF-Poland

The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) is committed to promoting architecture, maintaining high professional standards, and making optimal use of the space around us. SARP has more than 130 years of history and boasts many outstanding architects among its membership, including Bohdan Pniewski, Marek Leykam, and Jan Bogusławski.

The basis of SARP’s operations are set out in its charter, which specifies its objectives and organizational structure. SARP’s most important functions include caring for the quality of architecture and the environment, creating conditions favorable to developing and protecting architectural creativity, advancing architectural knowledge, and promoting architecture as a profession. SARP pursues these objectives by, e.g. engaging in public debate on urban space issues, educating on architecture, and holding architectural competitions based on transparent procedures.

SARP Warsaw Branch has been bringing the architectural community, and others interested in architecture and urban planning, together for years. Feel free to contact us or visit us at ul. Foksal 2 in Warsaw.

Projects initiated by ASF-Poland :

Public restrooms in Nepal- perspective view
Public restrooms, Nepal
Improving hygiene, aesthetics, functionality and supporting local economy

Projects partnered by ASF-Poland :