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Faten Kikano

Faten  Kikano
Designation: Board Member, ASF-Int
Mandate: 2021 - 2023
Member of: Faten Kikano
Working Group: Disaster Response

Faten Kikano is an expert in the study of refugee spaces. She holds a PhD from la faculté de l’Aménagement at Université de Montréal. She studies the appropriation of camps and non-camps spaces based on a transdisciplinary approach, revealing the political, socioeconomic, legal, and humanitarian issues that influence refugees’ living environments. Drawing from an experience of 20 years as a practitioner and a university professor in Lebanon, she has developed workshops on humanitarian architecture and post-disaster reconstruction in Turkey, Jordan, and Canada with the Arab Reform Initiative and McGill University, targeting local architects and urban planners. She has a great competence in publishing and disseminating information on international platforms.

She is an associate researcher in Adapto, a project funded by the Canadian Government that focuses on climate change adaptation in informal settings in Colombia, Chile, Haiti and Cuba. She is an active member in Architectes Sans Frontières Québec and l’Observatoire Canadien sur les Crises et l’Action Humanitaires (OCCAH). She is presently leading projects on homelessness in Montreal and urban vulnerability in indigenous territories, in the Cérsé, a Canadian research center that targets innovation, equity, and social inclusion. Her lifetime vocation is to develop effective policies that will advance spatial justice for the underprivileged and the minorities.