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ASF International is partner with an European Union funded programme called Designing Inclusion (DESINC) which explores how architecture, urban design and planning education can contribute to the production of inclusive urban spaces for refugees and forced migrants. Through its focus on education and pedagogy, the project links closely to ASF’s learning programme, Challenging Practice.

The aim is to build a team of individuals within the ASF network who will advise on and take part in the development of the project in the long term


Designing Inclusion emerges out of a collaboration between: ASF ­International (together with ASF­UK’s Challenging Practice team); the University of Sheffield, School of Architecture (UK); Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture & Urban Studies (Milan, Italy); Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Architecture (Belgium); and Housing Europe (Belgium).

The Designing Inclusion project offers ASF an opportunity to address forced migration and refugee issues in a more systematic way across the whole network. This project is also important for the development of Challenging Practice programme, as it will provide the opportunity to review and update the curriculum of the course, and to design a new set of pedagogical materials and action­learning initiatives focusing on the social inclusion of vulnerable groups in cities. For these reasons, the ambition is to draw on the experience, interest and expertise of different ASF Members throughout the project.