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Children and staff accomodation

Shelter for children

At AVRANKOU in Benin
From 2005 to 2009
By Architectes Sans Frontières - France
Local partners: GREF - Regard du Coeur
Donors: COOP 92

Following several educational projects lead by the GREF in Benin, a lack of structures to accomodate children with problems was pointed out in the region of Ouémé. “Regard du Coeur”, a local association for the protection of childhood, is associated with the project. Located in the area of Avrankou, the building hosts for 60 internal children and 30 external children from 8 to 16 years old. The programme, linked to the pedagogical project of both associations, includes accomodation for children and staff, a building for educational activities and technical buildings. The plan for the buildings on a 3 ha plot was conceived in order to preserve a maximum of palm trees in the surrounding area.

The project is adapted to the local way of life. Most of the buildings are covered, though not completely enclosed (type “appatam”). The buildings are made of clay bricks and concrete tiles.

Such architectural design choices combine the awareness of the climate with the environment of their construction, while utilising current progessions in construction techniques. This project is devised as a “school construction site” and provides learners with required and desirable skills. The department of Hauts-de-Seine subsidized the first phase of the progress, representing 75% of the whole installation.

site plan
interior of the building
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