ASF GA 2018

ASF International Dialog and GA Meeting 2018

The latest General Assembly meeting of Architecture Sans Frontières International took place in Marseille, from the 19th to the 22nd of April 2018 with the theme of “Welcoming Cities“.

The event was a successful culmination of various sub events and activities: a Challenging Practice stage A seminar, the General Assembly meeting itself, the ASF Dialogues and the ASF Exhibition.

Events held

01. Challenging Practice workshop:
Challenging Practice:“Essentials for the Social Production of Habitat”
Challenging Practice is an independent-learning programme that seeks to enable built environment professionals to engage reflexively with the challenges of international development in the urban global South:
02. A demonstration of the intellectual outputs of DESINC Project:
Designing Inclusion is an Erasmus Plus project addressing the interface between urban design & planning education, and the production of inclusive urban spaces. The focus of attention is set on European cities, and on the capacity of current and future urban practitioners to make a meaningful contribution to the reception of international migrants and refugees in local urban areas:
03. ASF-Dialogues ” Welcoming Cities” ( Public event ) :
While almost every city in the world is being affected by the rapid urbanisation and the Global immigration movement, the pressure to transform our cities to inclusive cities is increasing. As a network of organisations who believe in social justice and right for habitat, this year we are gathering efforts to raise the discussion on what makes our cities welcoming for all ? and what is the positive impact of diversity on the growth of our urban areas?
Find out more: FB Events – ASF-Dialogues 2018

The team

ASF International Board / ASF-Marseille team.

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