Architekti bez hranic – Czech Rep.

Architekti bez hranic (ABH) – Czechia is a nonprofit organization that brings together young architects and designers interested in public space and social architecture. ABH strive to improve the quality of public space as well as to strengthen people-to-people relationships, increase public interest in architecture-related topics, and initiate and implement projects for disadvantaged people. The contribution of ABH to improving this situation is awareness-raising and popularization activities (organizing lectures for the public, publishing and academic activities), networking with experts from other professions, initiating and implementing projects in public space.

The association is organized a long term series of lectures on actual issues related to architecture and public space. Two experts – one of the architects and urban planners and an expert in his field – are invited to the debate. Topics were following: Homelessness and Public Space, Commercialization of Public Space, Social Responsibility of Architecture, Functional Tourism, etc.

In  cooperation  with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, ABH were in charge of organizing and implementing an e-publication about Homelessness and Public Space. The work also included a public seminar of the topic.

Under the motto „Together we will transform“, ABH co-organize an architectural workshop of participatory architecture in cc. The aim of the workshop was to prepare an alternative plan for a revitalization of the social excluded site. The town hall planned to demolish the existing houses and evict the locals. Therefore, in collaboration with experts, they have shown other strategies for the neighborhood.

The public wardrobe is another project of the association Architekti bez hranic. Thanks to donor financial support, we repair the existing and place new wardrobes in cities. The principle is simple: Leave what you want, take what you need!”

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