City without borders – cidade sem fronteiras

Children awarness for City and Architecture issues in the scope of ASF

What is the impact of architecture on the quality of life in cities? How can architecture be an important instrument for improving everyone’s living conditions? “Cidade Sem Fronteiras” promotes knowledge about the city and a reflection on what a City Without Borders would be.

It uses the set of buildings of Companhia Vinicola, where Casa da Arquitectura is and the city of Matosinhos to playfully think about the relationship of buildings, and other key pieces in urban composition, with cities and learn concepts such as scale, heritage and inclusion, among others that are part of the vocabulary of architecture and cities in general.

This way Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras Portugal joins the second anniversary of the Portuguese Center of Architecture, with an activity in which one can think about what architecture can do for a better city and leave suggestions for urban spaces where social, cultural, environmental, and other impacts of the proposals that are part of this expected city are taken into consideration.

The activity took place in the Reading Room of Casa da Arquitectura Library, the 16th and the 17th of November, among many other activities that happened simultaneously and continuously in the block of the Portuguese Architecture Center throughout the weekend. Congratulations to Casa da Arquitectura!

We hope to continue to celebrate the importance of raising awareness of current and future architects to the responsibility of managing all decisive impacts on the quality of life in cities in their proposals.

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