Cultural Centre

Cultural development
At GUNBALANYA in Australia
In 2013

Injalak Arts and Crafts asked AWF Australia to help them to construct a cultural centre for Gunbalanya by providing schematic design and scoping services to help get funding. The new Cultural Centre aims to provide a basis for cultural and economic sustainability and self-determination.

AWF undertook two visits to carry out consultation with local stakeholders. The first meeting involved the traditional owners and many other interested people, and AWF was able to get good feedback on what the community wanted from their Cultural Centre. Returning to Melbourne, AWF’s project volunteers , Garry Ormston, Debra Kunda and Rebecca Adams, worked up a design proposal based on the information they had gathered on their visit. On the second trip, AWF took a model and drawings around to the school and the arts centre to get feedback from people, and left the proposed design set up at Injalak Arts and Crafts to encourage further feedback. Following the response, a number of programmatic changes were made to the design.

The scoping document and costed schematic design was returned to the community in August 2008, completing this phase of AWF’s involvement in this project. The Cultural Centre is currently having a business feasibility study completed, and the outcomes from this with AWF’s scoping report will be used to apply for funding for the Centre.

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