Hosting city Porto: Call for Ideas

UN Millenium Development Goals
At PORTO in Portugal
In 2007

Migration: Our ideology stands for a new mentality, presented in our Manifesto.

Interface: A platform that supports and connects different individuals, projects, organizations, ideas… building bridges between them.

Reflection: The process of individual awareness starts by creating individual consciousness.

Activism: Being active with effective answers to different problems and situations, denouncing, reclaming and redefining.

Our objective with this initiative was to promote a reflection on the city, its physical and social territory concerning the problems of social exclusion, specially associated with migration issues. Therefore, this competition of ideas has as object of study/intervention our own city, Oporto, represented by four places:

1- Rotunda da Areosa

2- Urban void near Casa da Música

3- Blocks behind S. Bento Train Station

4- Viela do Anjo

By choosing these places we searched for identification in our urban territory of different case studies associating public space reflection, citizenship, social exclusion and migrants’ settlements. Our aim was to encourage participants to propose ideas and concepts for an intervention on the suggested places bearing in mind a critical reflection on the issues mentioned above. The proposal must have also seek raising awareness and reclaiming social integration, in order to develop a more democratic territory and a more active role of each individual in the community.

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