MECC Computer learning centre, Sierra Leone

Computer learning centre
At Sierra Leone

„The building provides various possibilities within education and IT, such as an internet café, various courses and humanitarian events. The building is also a community centre that can hold different events for the local community.


  • To improve the education in Sierra Leone and secure access to information. In Sierra Leone only 0,3% has access to the Internet.
  • Capacity building of local labour through collaborations with local entrepreneurs and craftsmen. The building process has furthermore functioned as training, internship and education through weekly meetings and coaching.

The centre relates to the surrounding buildings and local building traditions, but is also shaped by a creative process that makes the building stand out and give it character.
The building furthermore demonstrate environmental sustainability: Solar panels are used as an alternative source of energy and the consumption of electricity is kept visual to keep an eye on the usage. Rain water is collected, there’s access to compost toilets and soil blocks are used for construction (burned ‘bricks’ made from local soil mixed with a bit of cement and pressed in a mechanical press).
Details have been processed on ground using locally available materials.

Carina Nissen and Wiebke Engels

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